Beyond Love!!!!!

Come 14th Feb and all you can hear is romantic, mushy mushy songs playing on the radio….shops displaying RED outfits, teddy bears, roses, cards, and what not….
But sometimes I think does LOVE revolve around these things….isn’t LOVE more than that….
After 6 years of marriage…i feel that LOVE is more than all this. I strongly agree that love needs to be expressed…through words, through actions and sometimes the romantic or “Filmy” way!!!!

Mine was a love marriage, when you are in love you tend to see things in a different perspective…but after marriage reality dawns. You start living with the person 24*7….its then that you start seeing the flaws in other person…

Some things you may like, some may just irritate you…and some….ohhhhh!!!!!!

But that is Beyond Love…accepting the person with all their flaws and loving them unconditionally.
One needs to communicate and express ones feelings…Everyday is special with so many special people around you….

So this Valentine Day….transcend all the limits and go Beyond Love!!!!!!
Make everyday  Valentine Day for your loved ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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