Lessons from Angel

Children these days have become very smart, inquisitive, quick learners and wonderful observers. I usually scold my little one (Samruddhi) when she cribs to eat, watches too much TV or does lot of Masti. Whenever I scold her she tells me she won’t speak with me and the very next moment she comes and hugs me  and starts her non stop “bakbak”. This always amuses me…so one day I asked her.
Me: When you said you won’t talk to me, then why did you come and hug me and talk to  
Samu (wicked smiles): If I don’t talk to you then you will feel bored na…and I hugged
                                     you to see that smile on your face. Love you mama.
And again a big hug!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh I feel so blessed. If only we grown-ups can be like this.
My friend recently forwarded me this SMS “We make so many mistakes in our life. If we can forgive ourselves for our mistakes, then why can’t we forgive others for their mistakes?”
A wonderful thought indeed. Children end up teaching many things which with time we have forgotten. They are so compassionate with elders, animals, plants. They live in the moment.
So the next time when someone is angry with you or you are angry with someone…just go ahead and hug them…I am sure they will feel much better and the anger will subside and you can discuss things rather than arguing and fighting.
This may sound absurd…but we can give it a try.
Thanks to you my darling… I am learning a lot from you.

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