5 thoughts on “HOLIIIII HAIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Gayu,

    Read all pending posts or rather poems. This is new side of you for me. Each poem shows your feelings in depth. Do keep writing. Good one on friendship. I hope Sometimes is old one. Opposites attract, isn't it? Nice one for Holi. And when do I get to taste those yummmmmyyyy pranthas?

    Take care

  2. Jack uncle, m so happy that u read all the posts.
    poems are just my attempt to pour my feelings out..
    yes, u guessed it rightly…Sometimes was pretty old one…written in the vulnerable phase.
    But every night has a day…and as we pass through life with Faith and Hope we surely will find a way.
    Nice to hear that u njoyd with ur granddaughter.
    even i had lots of fun with my baby.
    Do come to my house wen u visit Mumbai, n u can relish the paranthas!!!!
    Take Care

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