Weighty Issues

“Oh my God, I have put on 1 kilo….” “You are becoming fat day by day”…. “I don’t fit in those old clothes”, “Don’t just sit and hog the whole day, you need to reduce”…
“You are too skinny yaar”… “You look like Somalia return, please eat good stuff, you need to put on some weight”…
Heard these lines off late…I am sure if you are a girl then you ought to hear such comments from your near and not so near and dear ones…from colleagues, friends, aunties, chachi’s, mami’s and the list is endless. When I was pregnant, there were people around giving me diet plans.  There were some who used to tell that I will put on so much that it will be difficult for me to get back  to my old figure. I gained a good 12 kilos during my pregnancy; however I managed to reduce around 10 kilos post pregnancy.  I don’t have a perfect figure, but I am happy that I am healthy.
The thing that bothers me is why the whole world is worried about your “WEIGHT”. Everyone cannot have a zero figure like Kareena, hot like Priyanka or Bipasha. We have our own individuality and we are happy with it. If someone is thin, people around start terming them as “Skinny” and keep torturing with obscene comments, and same happens with the “Healthy” ones.
I have many friends who are underweight or overweight. Balancing your weight is a difficult task, especially when you the people around you have eagle’s eyes and point out the slightest difference in your weight. People who are overweight or underweight tend to be aloof, especially those in their teens; they generally don’t mix with the crowd as they have the fear of being mocked.
If someone around you is thin or obese, do help them, discuss things, and chalk out a plan for them. Please don’t pass loose comments, and hurt their self-esteem.
I don’t know whether I was able to put my point across, but I know it hurts when people pass comments on your physical appearance.  Physical appearance does make an impact, but what you are inside truly matters.

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