Days always began with petty fights…..
Fighting for the TV remote…was usual in the nights.

This is mine….and that is yours….
Everyone around was fed up of the chaos.

Pulling each others leg was their favourite hobby

At times they couldn’t stand the sight of each other…
But she was his sister….and he her brother…!!!!

3 thoughts on “They..

  1. This is a daily happening in my daughters' home where grand children girl and boy fight it out to establish their rights over what channel to see, who will use computer, who will answer the bell,so on so forth.But against a third person they are one!!
    Nice one,Gaya

  2. Thanks KP…can i call you KP????

    Yes..this is what happens in my house also…between my husband and her sister:)
    I guess it happens in all households:)


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