10 Day Challenge- Post 3

I am upset with all the things going around….but a challenge is a challenge…so moving ahead with my 10 day challenge…Eight Fears!!!!
1.       Cockroaches, Lizards, Snakes…eeks…I am afraid of all these….you can see me jumping, howling…and throwing tantrums like a three year old…when I see these creatures. But I tend to act as a strong Mommy in front of Angel.
2.       Injections…I am still afraid of them. I am even afraid when it comes to going for blood tests. The needle…ohh…I faint at the sight of the needle.
3.       Fear of getting BALD.  I had knee length thick hair…and I always used to get nightmares that I have become bald…and everybody makes fun of me. Though I don’t have long hair now, I still have the fear of getting bald.
4.       Giant wheel….I can sit in any of the adventure rides…but tell me to sit in Giant wheel…I can’t. I am not afraid of heights…but I don’t know I can’t sit in Giant wheel.
5.       Ghost movies…I can’t watch them alone. I don’t believe in them, I know it’s just a movie…but I can’t watch such movies.
6.       Fear of getting bed ridden. I want a peaceful death. I don’t want to be a burden on others.
7.       Losing loved ones…I used to be afraid…and this feeling would suffocate me, but now I have made myself strong enough to handle my emotions.
8.       Hmmm….nothing more I can think of.
So what are the things you are afraid of…I would love to hear.

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