MUMBAI targeted again…..…!!!
I was shocked to see the news about the multiple blasts in Mumbai on 13 July 2011. Almost every 2 years there are blasts, terrorist attacks in Mumbai. It’s becoming too much now. The so called “Mumbai Spirit” ….how much are we going to keep taking. The one who brutally took the lives of over 100 Mumbaikars, and who created havoc for 3 days is enjoying his stay in jail. The government is taking care of him…and providing security…and pampering him. Why is this happening, what more information does the government require from him?????
What about the common man???? What about his security????
Where are we taking our future generation, to such an insecure world???? The common man leaves the house in the morning…but is there a guarantee that he will reach home safely????
 After all this I can just conclude that Life is really unpredictable…!!!!! Why hold grudges…what if the next moment is your last one???? Leave behind all the unwanted things…the guilt, the ego, the hatered….you are not going to achieve anything out of this.
Call up that old friend with whom you have fought, say sorry from your side…if the person forgives it’s the best thing that can happen…and if not then also you have tried. Spend times with you loved ones…spend time with yourself….!!!!
You may not get another chance….live it to the fullest!!!!!

One thought on “TERROR ATTACKS AGAIN!!!!!

  1. Yes Gayatri, it is really an unpredictable life… I remember this film " A Wednesday" where the central charchter says it very nicely about how these blasts affect the common man/woman. But you know I really admire the spirit of the Mumbaikar who are up on their feet, ready to go even after something terrible like this happens to them.

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