WARNING: Battery Low…!!!!!

It’s been long time I came here. Last few weeks were super duper hectic….and I must admit that I ever knew I had so much energy to keep going….!!!!
So here are some updates dear ones….
A belated birthday wish to “GAYU”….yes that’s me, it was my birthday on 30 June. I know it’s pretty late…but I need to let you guys know…maybe someone is kind enough to send some gifts:P. I had planned many things for this birthday, but….things never go as planned, especially in my case ;).
 Everyone at home was detected “TYPHOID”, so all were under medication…..so there all my birthday plans failed. No balloons…no cakes….no yummy dishes…no sweets…no chocolates…!!!!
It was so sweet of hubby dear…he got me acute pair of earrings…err…Gold earrings. His gesture really moved me. My friends N, K, R and S planned a surprise for me….they bought a small pastry for me…and we cut that together…they also gifted me a Fastrack  watch.
I managed everything at home…plus I had my exams…and I even wrote them. I never thought I would be able to write my exams….but I did it.My friends asked me how did I manage to do everything, and to tell you I don’t even have a maid at home.
I guess we all have that extra energy…that extra power…we just need to unleash it. We all are like electronic devices; take the case of a mobile phone. What happens when we keep listening to songs, playing games, talking with friends and surfing net….after a point the battery gets drained…and within minutes the phone goes off. Same is the case with us. We keep doing so many things…physically and mentally.We need to keep charging our batteries and how are we going to do that??? Now this is a big question. I do few things to recharge myself.
I love music…and the best medicine to a stressed soul is music…just put on some music, some soothing ones…or some rock…or some classical.
I love dancing….so it’s always music plus dance :)Poor people in my building they have to bear so much: P
When I am tooooo much frustrated…I take up cleaning…and the end result a clean house…isn’t it cool: P
“The Secret” and “The Power”…two wonderful books which one must surely purchase. I like the way Rhonda has illustrated the thinking process. These two books are my savior.
I visit Temples…the atmosphere over there relaxes my mind…and I get that energy to go on…!!!!
Meditation and Yoga, though I am not regular with these but they surely help me to be in my senses.
Catching up with old friends…I hardly get time to go and visit my friends, but i do a make it a point that I call my close friends….and have a hearty laugh with them!!!
And how could I forget Blogging….and reading lovely blogs. Blogs motivate me….and I get to learn a lot here.
So guys what do you do to recharge yourself, I would to love to hear.

2 thoughts on “WARNING: Battery Low…!!!!!

  1. At the outset, a very happy birthday to you my dear! Hope all of you have recovered from Typhoid. I am so glad that you have been able to count your blessings. We dont do it often but when we do it we feel so blessed- friends who love us and husbands who love us too. Recharging batteries the way you are doing seems to be the best medicine after a bout of sickness! Enjoy yourself and have a nice week!

  2. Hey Meera, excluding me all were ill. Yes counting your blessings gives you immense strength. I am really thankful to GOD to have such wonderful people around me..:)

    Where do you stay???

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