F.A.L.T.U- A must watch for Parents & Children

I saw F.A.L.T.U movie this weekend…though this movie didn’t do that well..I liked the concept of the movie.

What is education…???? just getting Degrees…..no its more than that. I liked the way Arshad Warsi shouts and explains to the teenagers the concept of education. How the students go ahead and work on their talents.Many of us have hidden talents in us…but we have never tried to explore that internal world. We never get the proper guidance, and even if get..we are not keen to follow it.

I wanted to take up Arts and do English literature or Majors in Economics….but my dad wanted me to take up Commerce. I tried a lot to convince him…had there been movies like 3 Idiots or FALTU….maybe i could have persuaded him. Economics was the only reason why I took up Commerce…I know many students dread Economics…they get nightmares…but I was the one who always loved Economics.Even today whenever I get a chance to teach students…I go ahead and teach Economics to them.

I guess the problem is we have been bought up in a system where getting a job,earning money is more important. I agree money is important, without which we would not be able to enjoy the luxuries of an exotic vacation, that dream car, a bungalow…etc.But isn’t Life more than all this.

What is the use of a well paid job…if you are not able to have a single meal peacefully.What is the use of all the money in the world…if you don’t even have the time to take care of your health.

I want to know your views….

Its not always about what we have and what we not….
But it’s how we make use of what we’ve got!!!!!

So what is it that you are good at….go ahead and explore this world and direct your energies towards what you love…!!!!!

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