Day1- Seven days of Positivity

I read about this in Preeti’s blog here .It’s a wonderful way to start and end our day I feel.
From today onwards….for seven days I am going to concentrate on the positive side of my life. Come and join me…and let us spread the positive vibes all around..!!!!
Yesterday was a lovely day…and here are the five positive things that made me smile.
1)   I got up late…but managed to make Samruddhi ready on time…all thanks to my MIL.
2)   Wrote a poem after so many days….felt really nice when I read it.
3)   Got some wonderful comments from close friends.
4)   Called up my chuddy buddy Smita and we talked for an hour…and laughed like crazy…..!!!!!!!!
5)    Last but not the least…had mast Mysore Masala Dosa.
When I sat to write down five points….I actually realized there are many positive things that happened on one day, it’s just that we keep focusing on the negatives.
So guys do join me in the positive merry-go-round!!!!

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