Day3- Seven Days of Positivity

Hello all so this is the third day….and I must day…today was a wonderful day and here are the top five reasons for that

  1. Finally the rain gods have shown some mercy…for the last 5 weekends it was raining like cats and dongs and cows and what not. Went for a long ride with hubby and Samruddhi. It was fun, we did window shopping as I dont enjoy shopping much..!!!
  2. I went for a hot oil head massage….it was relaxing.
  3. Came home and slept for 4 hours…refreshing…!!!
  4. Spent some wonderful time playing with Samruddhi and her friends. We tend to become children when we play with children…and its so much fun:)
  5. Some nice comments from friends on FB made me smile…and I am still smiling…!!!

So with this smile….I am going to sleep…good night….!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a rocking weekend!!!!!


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