Day5- Seven days of Positivity

Hey hello…I am back and sorry that I missed the 5th day. Today was an eyeopener.I forgave someone who hurt  me….cos that person didn’t deserve my love, my affection. I realized that it for the best that it ended.

I am grateful for the following things/reasons:

  1. Read Preeti’s post here , it was an eyeopener for me. There are many a times when we feel depressed and guilty for some mistakes that we do knowingly or unknowingly, but as time passes…we realize maybe it was for the best.
  2. I am grateful to the Blogging world….it has helped me grow a lot on my personal front. 
  3. Had a nice lunch….it was a treat from our colleague K, and I must admit it was yummmyyy.
  4.  We celebrated K’s birthday at office, and the best part was, she liked the gifts. I love to give surprises and K was happy and we enjoyed a lot today.
  5. Had Kesar pista Ice-cream after six months….and hmmmmmmm it was awesome.
Small things, small moments are so important…life is so beautiful….!!!!!!
Good night…!!!!
Cya !!!!

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