Day7- Seven Days of Positivity

Hello all…….hey wondering why am I so excited that too at this hour of the day….that’s ‘cos I had a wonderful day today.

Here are the positive fives

  1. Our office planned for a trek today to Kondane Caves near Karjat…a truly amazing place. 
  2. Laughed a lot today…laughed till my cheeks hurt badly…..and there were tears in my eyes:)…arey yeh toh khushi wale aansu hai yaar:)
  3. Had nice Kandhe Pohe….it tasted yummy…especially after singing  shouting for 2.5 hrs in the bus.
  4. My school friend liked this post  her comment is a motivation for me.
  5. It was a day well spent….with friends…dancing in the rain….enjoying the moment and being close to nature.
I shall post the weekend getaway story soon…..till then enjoy some pictures…
My team

I jus luv this pic


4 thoughts on “Day7- Seven Days of Positivity

  1. just now i read all the positives in those past 7 days of ur life….All of them were nicely penned down.I must say u r a writer n when u write it inspires others to live a life….truly…u r an inspiration atleast for me.keep writing n i shall keep reading coz it really feels good.

  2. Sneha…I don't know if I write well…but I write just to give way to my emotions and feelings. My writing are a inspiration to you…this is the best compliment I've received ya…

    Thanks for the motivation dear…and I promise to keep writing…:)

    Gayu (Jayashree)

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