A Special Festival…!!!!

A special festival for those who like to shop…
A special festival for those who like to hog….
A special festival that brings together family and friends…
A special festival that lights up our world….
A special festival…for which we wait eagerly….
A special festival…when we spend money generously…
Wish you all a HAPPY DIWALI……!!!!!!!!
This Diwali was one of the best Diwali’s I have celebrated. Thanks to hubby and MIL…they really made it memorable for me. Thanks to the tiny tots Samruddhi and Navneet…their excitement and enthusiasm is what makes the whole celebration fun.
 My parents had come over from Coimbatore to be with us this Diwali. In all it was a “Hum Saath Saath Hain” kinds of celebration:P
Hope you all are also enjoying the festive season….!!!!
May GOD bless you with good health, success and lots of love!!!!!!!
Take care

5 thoughts on “A Special Festival…!!!!

  1. Gayu,

    Read all pending posts. I am going to give my comments here for all. It is for both partners to make marriage a success. Her mistake was looking for company outside marriage but that was basically triggered by feeling of loneliness as her husband did not have time for her. How long can a wife go on shopping or be with her friends? He should have realised it and gone to counsellor for advice. I feel sad that her parents too did not understand her. Hope she can take care of herself and son well. Hunger for knowledge never dies. It is unfortunate that we humans can not overcome our ego which is a major cause of many relationships breaking or even nations going to war. His Angel substantiates that how we take wrong decisions when we arr angry. Jagjit Singh has been a undisputed king of ghazals. Thanks for translation of the song. Saree makes a woman so elegant. Good collection of jokes. Mixing up in economist, artist and devil was good one. If we keep a grudge it affects us only as the other person will carry on with his or her life. Yes, Diwali is a festival of many joys. I am glad you had good one.

    Take care

  2. @ Jack uncle
    Thanks a lot for reading all the posts and sharing your views:)Even I felt sad that my friend's parents didn't support her.But life goes on…and she also has moved on now.

    Hope u also had a lovely Diwali in Delhi

    Take care

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