Teri aawaaz…sunayi di hai….!!!!

MUSIC….the essence of life….there is music in everything….ever heard the birds chirping in the early morning….the river flowing….a child laughing….everything around is connected by this bond of music. I am yet to meet someone who is not fond of music. Though all of us are not blessed with a wonderful voice…we do enjoy some kind of music.
Some like old songs…some Sufi…some rock…and some classical…isn’t it?? As a child I grew up listening to Carnatic music (especially M. S. Subbulakshmi). Over the years I developed a deep interest in music. I never missed the Rangoli and Chitrahaar programs on DD National. I loved old Hindi songs…Kishore Kumar, RD Burman, Asha Bhosle, Mukesh…they were my all time favourites.
I never liked anyone else….but it was till the time I heard him. I saw the movie Arth when I was in 7th std. There was something in his voice….which left me speechless…
Tum itna jo muskura rahe ho…..kya gham hai jisko chupa rahe ho…” One can feel the pain…the hurt…the anguish…my eyes become moist when I hear to this song…even today.
Yes I fell in love with his voice….with his ghazals…”The Ghazal King”… Jagjit Singh. There was some power in his voice….which held so many people close to him. There are few singers who touch your soul….and leave you numb….he was one of them.
One should listen to his song “Hey Ram…hey ram….tu hi mata…tu hi pita hai….tu hi toh hai radha ka shayam…Hey ram…” truly divine feeling.
One should also get his album Marasim…each and every ghazal in this album is a masterpiece. My favourites from this album are
Ek Puraana Mausam Lauta, Yaad Bhari Purvayi Bhi
Aisa To Kam Hi Hotha Hai, Wo Bhi Ho Tanhaayee Bhi

Yaadon Ki Bauchaaron Se Jab Palke Bheegne Lagti Hai
Kitni Soundi Lagthi Hai Tab Maanjhi Ki Ruswaee Bhi

Do Do Shaklen Dikthi Hain Is Behke Se Aayine Mein
Mere Saath Chala Aaya Hai Aapka Ik Saudayee Bhi

Khamoshi Ka Haasil Bhi Ik Lambi Si Kamoshi Hai
Unki Baath Suni Bhi Humne, Apni Baat Sunayi Bhi

One more…
Haath Chooten Bhi Tho Rishthe Nahin Choda Karthe
Waqt Ki Shaak Se Lamhein Nahin Toda Karthe

Jiski Aawaaz Mein Silwat Ho Nigahon Mein Shikan
Aisi Tasvir Ke Tukde Nahin Joda Karthe

Shahad Jeene Ka Mila Karta Hai Thoda Thoda
Jaane Waalon Ke Liye Dil Nahin Thoda Karthe

Lagke Saahil Se Jo Behta Hai Use Behne Do
Aisi Dariya Ka Kabhi Rukh Nahin Moda Karthe

This song was also the title track of the serial Henna which used to air on Sony TV.
Finally one of the best songs….
Chithi Na Koi Sandesh
Hoo, Chithi Na Koi Sandesh
Jaane Woh Kaun Sa Desh
Jahan Tum Chale Gaye
Is Dil Pe Lagaa Ke Thes
Jaane Woh Kaun Sa Desh
Jahan Tum Chale Gaye…
Just the thought that he is no more…makes me emotional…the music industry will miss you….!!!!

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