Fun with Samu-1

Day by day conversations with Samu become all the more interesting…and there are times when the little one leaves me speechless. I want to keep a note of all these…so that when she grows up…she can have a nice laugh at what she had said.

Diwali Vacations:
I had some work and had to go out at around 12 noon and that too on a Saturday. Samu also wanted to accompany me.
Samu: Mama, mein aapke saath chalti hoon na (Mom, I will also come with you na)
Me: No beta, it is hot outside…you stay at home with Dada.
Samu (making faces): Hot hai toh kya hua, I have goggle…cap…and you take Glucon-D mere liye. (So what if it’s hot…I have goggle…cap…and you take Glucon-D for me)
 And poor mama had to budge…:P

The sun is smiling…and so am I:)

On a lazy Sunday evening:

Samu: Mama, hum painting karte hain na…plz (Mama, let us do some painting na)
Me: Ok
After it’s done
Me: Samu…now give mama a kissi na…
Samu: Mama… “No touchii…no touchii…no kissi…. No kissi….only seeing…only seeing”
She sang this song in the same way as it is sung by the singer.
Me:!!!! ???? (wondering how to react!!!)
Himesh where are you???

PS: This song is from the latest movie Damadam

On the way to school:
Samu was not ready to hold my hands…I shouted at her
Me: Samu you are a mischievous girl
Samu: Wait…teacher ko compliant karti hoon (wait, I shall compliant to the teacher)
When we reached her school, this brat called up her teacher.
Samu: Teacher…yeh mujhe michi… (Thinking for sometime) haan michious girl bolti hai
Teacher: What is that??
Me (embarrassed look): Err…she means to say mischievous girl.
Teacher: Oh!! Common, she is so cute…she is a darling…Awww…just look at her…mera accha bacha (and then she even hugged her)
Me: Accha bacha…is she???
And Samu gave me that naughty smile;)
I just love her smile:)
Keep watching this space…for more “Fun with Samu”

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