Road to FITNESS..!!!

Everyday I decide that I am going to start eating healthy food…and just as I enter my office canteen…I see the menu written as” Vada-pav”, “Samosa”…huh…!!!!!
But this time I am quite serious, I have to reduce around 5-6kgs. I work in shifts, so it becomes very difficult for me to follow a fixed exercise routine or diet. This is the main reason why I was telling a lie…to myself all these days. But now it’s high time that I stop giving excuses and find some “TIME” for myself.
I would like to share some basic tips for all those who want to reduce weight. These tips are based purely on my experience…and any inputs from your side is welcome (I am quite serious this time).
To do list:
  • Avoid junk food. We all like to eat hog on the junk items…”Vada-pav, Samosa, Bhaji, Sev puri….and the list goes on….but these are the main culprits. Don’t stop all of a sudden or else you will end up eating more. Take some time and reduce the intake…and then stop it.
  • Increase the water intake. To increase our metabolism, we need to increase the water intake.
  • Exercise. Post-pregnancy, I was totally determined that I want to get back in shape. I used to workout at least 1/2 hour everyday. My routine used to include stretching, 10-15 surya namaskars, pranayam and then relaxation. It not helps to keep you fit and healthy…but it also helps you to be mentally active and removes the laziness. I have started my routine again…let’s see how far I go.
  • Rice intake. Being a south Indian, rice is a big “YES” for me, however if you are serious enough to reduce weight reduce the intake of rice. Again I am telling you to stop it all of a sudden, reduce its consumption.
  • Fruits and Vegetables. Have you ever noticed; when we start to follow diet, we tend to loose our chubby cheeks and our face starts looking tired and pale. To avoid this, start having fresh fruits, juices and salad’s. This will help you maintain that glow in your skin.
This is just a small list…but I must say it’s highly effective. Start with it…and it will work wonders…and do share your views and tips.

4 thoughts on “Road to FITNESS..!!!

  1. Gayu,

    Read all pending posts. Why such gloomy poem in Untitled? Cheer up and find happiness as well as give it. May God bless Samu with all the fun & happiness in the world. She will surely make you all proud of her. May there be more Nirmalas, a woman should never compromise on respect or dignity. Hats off to her. When you are in a queue for something, the other queue seems to move faster, just like while driving the vehicles in other lane seem to go faster but when you switch over, your original lanes seems to go faster. That is what life is. You have covered most of the points, however try to walk as much as you can and also avoid lifts, take stairs instead if it is not a very high floor. Do not skip exercising unless a must.

    Take care

  2. Hello uncle:)

    Thanks a lot for the lovely comments:) you how much I love to read your comments.
    "Gloomy poem"….hmmm…was a little depressed…so I guess..its just the result of that mood.
    samu, she has become oversmart these days…and is always ready with her answers:) but the best part is I njoy that:)

    Nirmala's story is not only an inspiration, but I guess its also a lesson for many parents and wives.

    This time I am serious..and have started excersicing..hope to stick to my routine:)

    Life is going good…with your best wishes and blessings:)

    Take care

  3. I agree…and right now I'm on a loosing mission 🙂 these simple rules and regular exercise can help anyone get back in shape 🙂

    Adding to it: Instead of sugar in tea/coffee/juices etc add Honey 🙂

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