A conversation that made me think

There are times when conversations with kids leave you speechless. I was talking with my mom the other day, Samu was sitting beside me. Samu noticed the tears in my eyes. She came near me, held my hand….and this is what she said.
Samu: Mamma, aap kyun ro rahe ho??? Aapki Mamma ne aapko daanta kya??? (Mom, why are you crying, did your mom scold you???)
Me: No beta, I am missing my mom.
Samu (thinks for a while, then replies) : Dada ki Mom unke saath hai, meri Mamma bhi mere saath hai, toh aapki Mamma aapke saath kyun nahi hai??? Woh gaav mein kyun rehti hai???
(Dada’s mom stay with him, my Mom also stays with me, then why your mom stays in native place??? Why she doesn’t stay with you???)
What should I reply????
Should I tell her…this is the harsh reality…that your Mom can never stay with you always…just because you are a “GIRL”
There are times when I just want to curl up into my Mother’s arms….
There are times when I just want to cry my heart out….
There are times when I want her pat on my back…
There are times when I want to eat the curd rice and Idli’s made by her….
There are times when I want to hear her shout….
There are times when I wish…..she was with me….always…..!!!!!
She is my Step-mom….but she has loved me more than my mom…What I am today is only because of her. She has done a lot for me, my sister and my dad. She never expected anything from us…she just loved us unconditionally.
I wish I can be like her….expecting nothing from anyone…but always being there for everyone…!!!!!
She can’t read English, nor she can understand….but maybe Dad will read out this to her.
Mom I am missing you a lot……….!!!!!!!!
Jaya (Gayu)

4 thoughts on “A conversation that made me think

  1. Gayu, I miss my mother a lot too. My only regret is that when I was with her I never understood her worth. I was rude to her and used to constantly fight with her. Now I think how could I have been such an awful teen? Have a wonderful holiday and hope the new year is a happy one for you!

  2. @ Jack Uncle, yes…God made Mom's for that…but she is my Step-mom…and that makes me all the more attached to her, cos we were not at all her responsibility…she showed so much care and understanding, inculcated good values on me…
    That makes me miss her more….!!!!

    Thanks uncle…

    @ Meera, I agree with you. When I used to go to college, my mom would make breskfast and ask me to eat, I used to shout at her and tell her I am late….
    Now there are times when I don't even have my breakfast…cos i am so busy with everything…but whenever i call her, she still asks me whether I ate, whether i slept….

    May this new year give you strength to achieve your dreams..!!


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