Wake up to a flawless skin…!!!

Winter is here…and I am sure the wardrobes of girls out there will look like a mini beauty parlour…with moisturizing creams, lip balms, lotions, fairness creams, Etc…etc. I have never spent money on such products. I prefer natural methods over these chemicals. Homemade facials, scrubs and face-packs are not only skin friendly but also pocket friendly…isn’t it???
Here are few tips (based on my experience). Natural therapies take time, so you need to use these at leat three times in a week.
Homemade face packs:
Pimples, black heads, uneven skin tone…so many problems…but I have solution for all this, provided you have “TIME” and “PAITENCE”. Use the following face packs regularly and you will get rid of pimples, black marks…and will get a smooth, clear skin.
Besan (Gram flour) – 1 spoon
Haldi (Turmeric) – 1 spoon
Rose water/Honey (if you have oily skin)-2 spoons
Milk/milk cream (if you have dry-normal skin)- 2 spoons.
Mix all this (ensure there are no lumps).
Wash your face with rose water first, then apply this face pack. Let it dry (it usually takes around 15-20 min). In case you have time, close your eyes and place a slice of potato on each eye (however this optional). Once done, use a clean towel/sponge to remove the pack. Dip the towel/sponge in lukewarm water (compulsory), and wipe off the pack slowly. Ensure that you do not rub your skin too much.
Once done, again splash some rose water. Wipe it with a cotton ball.
Multani mitti (Fullers earth) – 1 spoon
Rose water/Honey (if you have oily skin)-2 spoons
Milk/milk cream (if you have dry-normal skin) – 2 spoons
The method of application is the same.
Oats powder- 2 spoons
Honey- 2 spoons
Rose water- 2 spoons
Mix all this and apply on your face. Let it dry. Once done, wipe with a sponge and apply rose water. It is an excellent scrub, and removes the dead skin. Use this scrub, at least twice a week.
Winter care tips.
  • Apply almond oil or olive oil on your hands, lips and feet before going to sleep. This will keep your skin moisturized.
  • Add two spoons of honey to hot water, and then take bath, and feel the magic of smooth skinJ
  • Mix equal quantities of lime juice, glycerin and honey and apply it on your face. Leave it to dry and they wipe it off with a sponge. Splash some rose water. Wipe it with a cotton ball…and just have a look at the mirror…smooth supple skin.
How much ever tired, how much ever frustrated…don’t forget to wear that smile, someone may actually need it. Go ahead and try it…and do share your experiences.

PS: I know I am late…but here is the pic as promised 

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6 thoughts on “Wake up to a flawless skin…!!!

  1. Yes excellent tips. I have not used soap since many many years…and I always use a good moisturizer twice a day and sunscreen to help keep the skin healthy. During pregnancy, I used the Neutrogena body oil which worked wonders for me. It's important to feel good about yourself as well..and like you said, wear that smile always :).

    Thanks for your comments on my blog….you have a wonderful space here as well!

  2. Hello Shachi…howzz u??? Howz the cute little one???

    I've heard a lot about Neutrogena body oil, but never tried, will try it out now.

    Thanks for stopping by…and keep in touch

    Muahhhh to 'lil one:*


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