A wedding poem…!!!

One of my best friends is getting married next week. She wanted to send her wedding invitation card to her office friends and some distant relatives. She asked me whether I can write something for her (a poem or a few lines).
Here is what I wrote for her…..
A promise to stand by each other,
In highs and lows…..
A promise to brighten our future,
With trust and love that endlessly flows….
A promise to accept  the differences,
And leave the ego aside….
A promise to respect each other’s views,
And together decide….
Two souls…but a single thought…
This is what “Marriage” all about!!!!
A new phase of life is about to begin….
And I would love to receive your blessings…
As we both exchange our wedding ring…..
On the 16th day of December, 2011,
At Railway Colony hall, Kalyan (W)
She loved it….and it brought a smile on her face…and happy tears in her eyes….!!!!!
God bless her…I will miss her a lot…!!!!!


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