Annual Day or Beauty pageant audition..????

This was my immediate reaction, as I entered the auditorium to attend the annual day function of my 3 yr old. Eye-shadow, lipstick, eyeliner, shimmer, compact…and some pink powder (the one which makes the cheeks look pink…I don’t know the name). I sent my daughter with the teachers and had a seat in one of the front rows. There were two ladies who were chatting about some advertisement audition to be held on that day. 
The conversation flowed this way
Lady1: “Why didn’t you apply some make-up, Samu is looking so simple”
Lady 2: “Makeup looks good when the kids dance on stage.”
Lady 1: “Even the pictures come out very well”
Me (I wanted to give her a tight slap…but instead I smiled) : I like to be the way she is….cute and innocent.
Lady 1: “I am planning to make a portfolio of A, she gives amazing poses.”
Lady 2: “there is an audition for an advertisement in XYZ hall today, I am taking P for the same, you also come na.
Both of them asked me to join them, but I refused.
Me: Samu had got offers for different ads, as she dances well, but I am not interested. I don’t want to pressurize her at this age.
Lady 1: This is the age, when you have to start…otherwise your daughter will lag behind.
I didn’t have a reply…I just ignored it. But RM’s post here made me write this. I have seen children suffer mentally after being rejected in the auditions of reality shows. Some children even lose interest in their hobbies (such as music, dance or art). 
I am not against these shows, I love watching the little ones singing and dancing….but please give them space to breathe….!!!!
 Childhood days can never be brought back….so let your children live their childhood. The children in the shows and serials need to spend around 7-8 hours in the sets. Just because they make good money….this is not termed as child labour…why???? They eat at odd times…which surely affects their health. They miss their lectures at school; they miss all the fun…!!!!
A child who becomes a celebrity will never get a chance to play in the park…build castles in the sand….because he/she will be surrounded by thousands of people for autographs and pictures.
Please parents don’t snatch these special moments from your children’s life….let them play in the sun, without the fear of getting tanned, let them eat ice-cream (not always)…without the fear of singing audition….let them be what they are…just think what is the cost that they need to pay for this fame and name…
Have you seen the latest ad of Boost, it says
“Race chaahe bus pakadne ki ho ya maidan ki…zindagi mein har race jitna zaroori hai”….I wonder is it really important to win every race…????

3 thoughts on “Annual Day or Beauty pageant audition..????

  1. Gosh! I dont believe they said all that

    Great to hear that despite of getting offers for Samu you are not going ahead with it..most parents would be tempted eh?

    Hugs to both of you and ask Samu to keep dancing her heart out 🙂

  2. Even I was tempted re…the money which we get will surely want us to make our children work for ads.
    I didn't want her to spend her time in the sets…and I couldn't imagine her in makeup…

    Me & Samu love dancing….and we spend mosrt of weekends dancing…!!! Hehehehe!!

  3. in fact kya har race mein part lena zaroori hai? You can't do everything and be at every place,no? yeah I know there is a word called all rounder but for me it means doing so many activities and having no energy and time left at the end of the I might be a one of it's kind mother who doesn't want her child to be that..unless she herself wants to be 🙂

    P.S. that pink thing applied on cheeks is called Blush 🙂

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