Lighter moments at work- 1

Those who work will agree with me that we spend maximum time in our office, with our colleagues. Work pressures, deadlines, meetings, calls….amidst all this we have some fun…some lighter moments….
This post is entirely dedicated to my team….
Me, Piyu, Ashu, Radi, Matti, Marj, Chaitu, Nivu, Ann
Marsh, SS
Discussing about marriages:
Radi: SS, Piyu has decided she will marry a billionaire…

SS (starts laughing): But the billionaire should decide to marry Piyu na…

Piyu: !!!!!!
At dinner time 9:30pm:
Ashu: I am not feeling like going home…

Marsh: Everybody in the house makes you work na…child labour

Radi: Yes, poor girl…they didn’t even allow her to play…see her height…she still looks like a school girl. (Ashu’s height is 5 feet I guess)

Me: They made her work…and never gave her Complan you see.
Ashu: LOL!!!!!!

I am working seriously….
Nivu: Chal, we’ll go for a tea break…

Me: Nope, have some urgent task

Nivu: When will it get over..???

Me (with a serious tone): No idea.

Nivu: Then get an idea…!!!

I just give her a stare…and we both start laughing…..

Hey team you ROCK!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Lighter moments at work- 1

  1. yes Meera…and those hours, help me forget all the worries…there are stressful moments…but having a chat with them eases off the work pressure…!!!

    How are you??? What did u gift ur daughter???

    U too have a nice day!!

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