Tea time masti

Preeti Shenoy…does she need an introduction…she is the most modest person I’ve met till date. She is the author of two best sellers “34 Bubblegums and Candies” and “Life is what you make it”. Her blog is the best place to know her (for those who don’t know her). She takes so much effort to reply to readers comments on her blog…and on her FB fan page.
When I read her creative prompt challenge today….just one name came to my mind…
If I could invite anybody for ‘tea for two’ today it would undoubtedly beMY DAD” 
My Dad is an exception to the Pallakad Iyer community, ’cos most of the Iyer’s love their Filter Kaapi…but my dad loves Chai…especially Masala Chai prepared by me. I add ginger, elaichi, lemon grass and pepper. I still remember the long conversations we had…while sipping a hot cup of tea on weekends. We never needed a topic…it just used to be anything and everything. He still misses the tea prepared by me…and whenever he visits Mumbai…I make it a point to provide him the best tea.
PS: Preeti your prompt made me nostalgic…ALL THE BEST for your book…!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Tea time masti

  1. Ramakrishnan
    Filter Kaapi…there u go…there is something special na…even I love Kaapi…after a nice breakfast (Idli, ven pongal).

    Yes…do let me know if by chance u visit Mumbai…


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