Random Thoughts

Just as every night is followed by a day…
Have faith…amidst difficulties,
You will surely find a way…!!!!

I penned down these lines as soon as I reached office today. There is so much positivity in the air today…maybe because it started off well.

·         I got up on time…for the first time…I didn’t hit the SNOOZE buttonJ
·         Prepared sabji roti and left for office on time.
·         An uncle in our society was kind enough to drop me till station.
·         THANKS to Central Railway…the trains were on time.
·         Managed to get a window seat (it’s highly impossible to get a window seat in peak hours)
·         Managed to get down at Vikhroli, without the usual yelling “Aunty please could you move in…”  “Please move…”
·         Got a rickshaw immediately and reached office before time…!!!

Hurray…!!!!!!!!! Hope to have a nice day ahead…!!!

Keep smiling…and have a nice day!!!!!!!!!


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