Dearest Samu,

This is my first letter to you…and I hope you will read it someday.

The past few weeks were very hectic, I had deadlines to meet at office, I was not well and to top all of that you were ill. I can handle anything my dear…but when you fall ill…my mind stops functioning. I felt very guilty as I took only two days off, but… I had deadlines in office. I don’t know how to justify this…but work is also important. I just can’t keep taking leaves my dear…I hope you will understand. But trust me, going to office was not all easy for me…I was not at all able to concentrate on my tasks, the work which I could finish in 15 to 20 mins, would take at least an hour.

You will be 5 years old this April….and as you say you are a ‘big girl’ now. But my darling tell me do big girls eat pieces of erasers just because they are pink and purple in colour or do they eat plastic or broken pencil leads??? Tell me..??? I am yet to figure out why you eat all these??? By God’s grace we have enough to eat at home, but you refuse to eat food and instead eat leaves of plants, mud…huh…why???? All this lead to stomach infection and you puked (every 15-20 min) from 3 am to 6.30am. It was a horrible sight to see and I was helpless. The next morning the doctor gave you an injection (have I ever told you how much I am afraid of needles) and said you have severe stomach infection and you have to on liquid diet. You are already underweight…and now liquid diet.

The worst part when you are ill, is the SILENCE at home…it kills me. I agree that I get irritated by your mischief’s, bugged by your “who, where, when and how” questions…but what frustrates me more is your silence. I know it sounds like a paradox…but that’s how it is.

Now you are fully recovered…and Mama is back to blogging…!!!!

Lots of love and kisses….

PS: I missed this space so much….thanks to all the mails and messagesJ I am blessed..!!!!

9 thoughts on “SILENCE

  1. Gayu,

    Some children are really fussy about eating. One has to be innovative to make them take their meals properly. Telling stories while feeding or letting them see some of their favourite programmes on TV helps. Hope she starts taking proper diet. Do speak to her and tell her that our immune system has to be built up with proper intake or one falls ill again and again.

    Take care

  2. Hope Samu is feeling better by now. I can imagine the very difficult phase you have been through lately.

    Once Samu is feeling well,get a consultation with the pediatrician for the possible deficiencies that are making Samu nibble on mud and the like. It is something not to worry too much about but also important to not ignore as a mere habit.

    Lots of love and get well soon wishes to Samu and hugs to you 🙂

  3. My Era
    Samu is still recovering…and has reduced weight. Doctor has given her tonic and some powder…hope this works this time…!!! Right now she is waiting for her bday party…and all the fun she is going to have with her friends…!!

    M happy that she is back with her pranks…that's what i enjoy…though at times i lose my temper:P

    A much needed hug….as i am so tired with all this:)


  4. Rachit
    Mom's are special…and I always used to tell my Mom, "don't worry na..I am fine", and see now how things have changed…I keep worrying for the silliest things..!!!

    Just hug your MOM…she will surely love it:)

  5. Jack
    A honest confession…Samu is EXACTLY MY JR VERSION!!!
    When i told about this incident to my Dad, can you believe he started laughing…and I was like..WTH..!!

    Dad said that i used to trouble him the same way. I used to be a fussy eater…and would take 1 to 2hrs to finish 1 chapati..!!

    So basically.."What goes around comes around"

    Take care

  6. Yes Gayu I can understand the feeling of a working mom when the child is ill. I usually assume the worst when my child falls ill. As they grow older these episodes reduce – i can say that as a mother of a teenager- but when my daughter was your age I would have not believed had someone told me that.. And don't feel guilty about not taking more than 2 days off. Life is like that we need to survive and children will accept that some time. Take care

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