Threads of LOVE-Part1

“I don’t want my son to stay
with this characterless woman,” shouted Sanjeev in front of the judge. Divya
couldn’t believe her ears. Was this the same man who once called her the best
woman, best wife and best mother? But after what she did, was she worth to be
called the best. But was it her fault alone. She was lost in her thoughts and
just then the judge said, “The final verdict will be given on 25th June, till
then Master Rohit will stay with his mom.”
Rohit came running into Divya’s
arms as soon as she came out of the room. He was just two years old and too
young to understand the complexities of relationships. She tucked him tight in
her arms as if she would never let him go.

PS: Would you love to read more…???? Any suggestions…do let me know:) 

10 thoughts on “Threads of LOVE-Part1

  1. @Me,thanks for the motivation yaar…posted part 2, still working on the 3rd part

    hmmm, thats how we build the suspense na:P

    When it comes to writing stories…you have think a lot about the plot and characters…that's a bit difficult for me…but sure will try to do the best.

  2. @Meera
    Need some tips…would like to work more on writing fiction.

    @ RRamakrishnan
    Main course will take time…please bear with me:)

    Welcome here…and I am glad you liked it.

    Thanks a ton..!!

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