We will miss you..!!!

My fingers are aching and so are my eyes…
But still I sit on my desk,
And continue to write…

I try my best to pour out my pain in words….
But then I realized some feelings cannot be expressed…

I waited for your usual good morning message…
But there was none…
I know this wait will never end….
‘Cos now you are no more with us friend…!!!

I still can’t believe that you are gone…

The lighter moments shared…
The tough times when you cared….
I can never forget the fun we had….

Will miss you Friend…
May your soul rest in peace…!!!!!

Yesterday a friend passed away…he was just 25 years old. He met with an accident last week while crossing the road…and yesterday he left us. I am still not able to digest it…!!!

Life is so unpredictable….one never knows what will happen the next moment…!!!

Spend time with your parents, children, spouse and friends…they are precious…they are our lifeline…they are like the air that we breathe…we can feel their presence everywhere…!!

Don’t hold grudges…let yor EGO take a backseat….pick up the phone and call up your friend with whom you fought, take a step forward and try to solve the differences with your spouse, play with your children and just listen to what your parents have to say…!!!

Live life to the fullest…like I said here..!!!

Love and peace

8 thoughts on “We will miss you..!!!

  1. Gayu, extremely sorry to hear about your friend's demise. As you say life is so unpredictable- we need to really savor the present and enjoy it because for some of us there may be no future! Take care

  2. Sorry to note that your fried died in an road accident. You have expressed your sorrow & sentiments in touching, melancholy & beautiful words.May his soul rest in peace.His parents & close ones must be shattered. May God give them courage !

  3. Gayu,

    May God bless his soul with eternal peace. Very sad. Please convey my heartfelt condolences to his family. Life sure is absolutely unpredictable. Hope what you say in later half is understood and followed by all of us.

    Take care

  4. Thank you all for being there in this tough time…for all the messages and mails…!!!

    Live life to the fullest…and please please stay connected with your loved ones, friends ans family.


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