Threads of LOVE- Part2

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take this money and do remember I need the best for my son”, said Sanjeev. “My
, don’t even use that word”, yelled Divya. “For one year you never
bothered to contact me nor did you meet your son. Now when the astrologer said
that your son would bring luck and your business will succeed that’s when you
wish to own my son”, said Divya.
“Keep this money with you, you will need it to fight the case as Rohit will
never be yours”, said Divya as she left the court.

she acted strong in front of Sanjeev, now it was impossible for her to control
her feelings as she reached home. No matter how much she tried, tears refused
to stop. Rohit was tired and wanted to sleep. Divya read a story to him and
within no time he was fast asleep. She caressed his hair and this moment
transported her to those times when she would caress Sanjeev’s hair the same

Chartered Accountant by profession, Divya worked for an Investment bank.
Sanjeev, was a Software Programmer and worked for a top notch Software company.
Theirs was an arranged marriage, but soon they both fell in love with each
other. They both shared a special bond…a bond that didn’t need words to express!
Sanjeev was a doting husband and Divya a dutiful wife. They argued at times and
even fought on petty issues…but their love for each other was strong and the “cold wars” didn’t last long.

were pretty hectic and they hardly got time to spend with each other. However,
weekends were special. Movies, parties and picnics….life was fun. On their
fifth wedding anniversary, 25th June, Divya gave birth to a baby boy
and the couple named him Rohit. They were on seventh heaven. Life had showered
them with all the comforts…and there was nothing more they could ask for. But little
did Divya know, that their marriage anniversary and Rohit’s birthday would one
day become the judgment day of their relationship. Life is full of surprises
and slowly it was unfolding in an unexpected way.

PS:Final part soon

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  1. @Arti
    Hmm…even I am waiting…hats off do you pen such wonderful stories. Its really not an easy task to think from the point of view of the characters.

  2. @RRamakrishnan
    It will take some more time…I want to convey a very important message from this it will take time. Thanks for the paitence:)

    Ya…gave a lot of thought..and yes holiday post will be there soon:)

    Even me…Sunday Scribblings…final part…please:)

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