Some updates

Hey guys, updated the food blog after so many months. Here is the latest recipe. Do try and let me know how it turned out to be:)

Here’s the link

The rain gods have finally shown some mercy…and the climate in Mumbai has cooled a bit…!!! I love rains, the freshness it brings,everything around turns so lively…I mean…its just amazing. Its a miracle…don’t you feel so..???

This is a pic of Rajmachi Trekking which I did in June 2010.

Rajmachi is a wonderful place for trekking

Here’s a small note to my favourite season:)

Thunder,thunder…I hear you,
Pour droplets…though they are few,
Quench our thirst,
And let us cool,
Come dear rain…
We eagerly wait…!!!

Which is your favourite season…and Why????
Do share with me your experiences.


5 thoughts on “Some updates

  1. Liked your little poem on rains – undoubtedly my fav season is monsoon. The entire earth seems to become so beautiful and enchanting during this time na…

    Nice pic…

    Take care and enjoy rains…

  2. @Meera,
    Thanks you:)Even you love monsoon that's so nice:)See we are not onle connected by thoughts, but also by likes:)

    Sorry, the third part of the story will take time…I am not finding the right way to put my message accross. Also deadlines in office.

    Will surely do it..!! Thanks for the paitence dear.

    Yes everything becomes so lively…green…and soothing…the one thing I hate about rains is travelling by Mumbai Local trains:(

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