Day 16 to 17-30 days to a Grateful Life

“Be grateful for the tiny details of your life and make room for unexpected and beautiful blessings.” – Unknown
“There is a child in each one of us” do you guys agree? I totally agree with this. We all fight for that extra scoop of ice cream, one more gulab-jamun, and one piece of Dairymilk silk, well I don’t know about others but I still do this. At times my hubby says, he has to handle two children (Samu and me), strange but I never share my 5-star with her
I guess deep down we all wish to play in the rain, run in the muddy waters, chase a butterfly, and scream aloud and many more silly stuffs…but with age we start thinking more about others opinion. We always run a race, and try to be perfect…and in this we forget the real “US”, we overlook the small yet precious moments.
Here’s an attempt to capture all those “Crazzy Moments”. I am truly grateful to the ones who clicked these pictures. These pics take me down the memory lane and make me SMILE…!


I was actually feasting on two flavours of Icecream
What a timing…:)
How I wish I could FLY…!!!
I don’t know what I was trying to do
Again a perfect timing
Two pony-tails just like those in school days

Hope you enjoyed these pics. What do you guys feel, any such incidents you would like to share, I am listening…!

If you wish to participate all you need to do is follow these rules:
  • For next thirty days write about the things you are grateful for (it maybe in your blog or in your personal journal, not necessary that you write ten things.)
  • Do post your link in the comment box, if you have a blog and have started this therapy.
  • You can even post pictures, in case you are unable to write.
Keep Smiling and be Grateful,

A new Avataar today….:)

Bhoot Hun Main:P
Kya tumhe kha jaaon

And the crazziness continues…!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 16 to 17-30 days to a Grateful Life

  1. Sigh Gayu… I have recently developed a bad allergy to cocoa, emulsifiers and anything remotely closer to such stuff!!


    So no ice creams and chocolates any more for me… bas pictures dekh ke I have to feel good!

  2. @Me
    Awww Privy take care. Hope it gets cured soon and you are able to eat your favourite food stuffs. Even I don't eat these days, diet consious you know. These are pretty old pics.

    Yes…its indeed true:)

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