Day 18 to 26-30 Days to a Grateful Life

“There is always, always, always something to
be thankful for.” –Author Unknown
It’s been a
week I updated the gratitude series. Last week, my hubby, Samu and MIL met with
a  bike accident. Luckily it was a minor accident, however, Samu got severely hurt just near her eyes, and was down
with fever. MIL got a catch in her back and hubby hurt his knees. I took off
from my work and was at home with Samu. 
Samu could barely talk, she missed the
Navratri Garba, she missed her school exams, but what I missed the most, was
her smile, her non-stop questions, her chirpiness. The entire week the house
was on mute mode.
Amidst all
this also here are the few things I am grateful for, I noted these daily in my journal. Today, I would like to share those with you here.
  1. I am truly grateful that the
    accident was a minor one and my family is safe.
  2. I am truly grateful to the
    people, who came to help my hubby after the accident. It shows that humanity
    still exists.
  3. I am truly grateful to the nurses
    and the doctor who attended my daughter immediately.
  4. I am truly grateful to my
    daughter. She didn’t cry and co-operated with the doctor and nurses. The doctor
    said that children tend to become cranky under such circumstances.
  5. I am truly grateful to Samu’s
    class teacher, who enquired about her every day.
  6. I am truly grateful to Samu’s
    friend Palak, who came everyday to meet her and play with her, just so that she
    would feel better. Samu doesn’t know what friendship is yet, but such small
    acts lay the foundation of strong relationships.
  7. I am truly grateful to Palak’s
    parents, who sent her everyday to our house.
  8. I am truly grateful to my MIL. Inspite
    of getting hurt, she managed to prepare a full course meal consisting of
    Puranpoli, Puri-bhaji, Shrikand for Daserra.
  9. I am truly grateful to all my
    friends, for their prayers and blessings. Samu is much better now. Hubby is worried
    about the scar on her face, but I know with time, it will heal.
  10. I am truly grateful to Prema and
    Kalpana for being there with me. Their messages comforted me, and gave me the much-needed
  11. I am truly grateful to my team at
    work; they handled things perfectly in my absence.
  12. I am truly grateful for my
    health. The moment when we are sick or people around us are sick, we realize the
    importance of our health.  


you wish to participate all you need to do is follow these rules:
  • Everyday write about the things you are
    grateful for (it maybe in your blog or in your personal journal, not
    necessary that you write ten things.)
  • Do post your link in the comment box, if you
    have a blog and have started this therapy.
  • You can even post pictures, in case you are
    unable to write.

Smiling and be Grateful,

2 thoughts on “Day 18 to 26-30 Days to a Grateful Life

  1. Gayu,

    You are really a brave girl to face all these so well. I would have broken down in such situation. God be thanked that all are on way to recovery. I am sure Samu will be fit and fine without any scar. Please convey my love to her.

    Take care

  2. Hey Gayu…hope things are better now. Please do take care..give a tight hug from my side to Samu for being the perfect angel that she is always 🙂

    I am sure everything will be fine soon… just hold on to your horses!

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