Day 5- 30 days to a Grateful Life

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the
things, which he has not, but rejoices for those, which he has”. ~Epictetus
It is a
lovely Sunday morning, and as I type this, I know many of you would love to
just curl up in your bed and wish that the Sunday never ended. Sunday brings in
mixed feelings, as we have the cruel, the super busy day of the week Monday waiting,
isn’t it? We dread the meetings, emails, queries, and deadlines in our
professional world, don’t we.
We as individuals
tend to crib about our job, our bosses, our salary, and our job profile. But
have we thought that this is the same job, which helps us pay our bills and
provides for our basic necessities. This moment when you are cribbing about
your job, there maybe someone who got a layoff notice, someone who desperately
needs a job to support his/her family or someone who wishes that he/she was
educated enough to search for a job.
No matter
what your current job profile is, no matter what your salary is, just close
your eyes and think about those things you are grateful for currently. 
As Epictetus
said, let us focus on what we have on the fifth day of the “Gratitude Therapy
  1. I am truly grateful
    to have a job.
  2. I am truly
    grateful to the salary I receive, every month on time. Just look at the staff
    of Kingfisher Airlines, they have not received their salaries for months.
  3. I am truly
    grateful to my flexible work hours, it helps me spend time with my family.
  4. I am truly
    grateful to the interior designer who designed my office interiors so beautifully.
  5. I am truly
    grateful to all the artists in my office, who have their paintings put up in
    each of the walls, in the meeting rooms and in the corridors.
  6. I am truly grateful
    to the chairs in my office they are very comfortable.
  7. I am truly
    grateful to the Desktops, laptops, telephones and projectors; they ensure that
    our work goes on smoothly.
  8. I am truly
    grateful to the IT department. They are the backbone of any organization.
  9. I am truly
    grateful to the support staff who take care of the transport, the payroll and
    the food.
  10. I am truly
    grateful to have an office canteen. I can munch over my favorite snacks anytime
    of the day.
  11. I am truly
    grateful to the staff in the canteen, who customize my requests and provide
    yummy bhurji-pav.
  12. I am truly
    grateful to the area where I work. It is quite relaxing to take a walk amidst
    huge trees and a small pond.
  13. I am truly
    grateful to have a good job profile. I love my work and it makes me wait for
  14. I am truly
    grateful to have two supportive bosses, who are an inspiration, to our team.
  15. I am truly
    grateful to my ever-crazy team; they are the bestest.
 Thank you…!
The grass
always seems to greener on the other side, so let us not focus on the other
side. Let us work smart and try to be grateful for what we have. I know we all
wish to grow in our careers, but let us not do that by cribbing. Let us chalk
out a plan, work towards our dream, and be grateful.
you wish to participate all you need to do is follow these rules:
  • For next thirty days write about the things you
    are grateful for (it maybe in your blog or in your personal journal, not
    necessary that you write ten things.)
  • Do post your link in the comment box, if you
    have a blog and have started this therapy.
  • You can even post pictures, in case you are
    unable to write.
Smiling and be Grateful,

3 thoughts on “Day 5- 30 days to a Grateful Life

  1. Me 2 Gayu… I simply love my job though there are few negatives too but the positives are too huge in number to let that negatives affect me…I smile ear to ear each day as I walk into my office to begin a new day!!


    Wishing you a happy sunday!

  2. Gayu,

    There is never end to cribbing if you start disliking a job. Best is to understand it and put in your best as that will ensure that ultimately you love you job. If one focuses that he or she must leave a mark in whatever job be it, one will automatically love the job.

    Take care

  3. @Jack
    Yes very true we can't get anything by just cribbing. Most of the times, we happen to look out for change, and forget that if we change our thoughts, then maybe things can truly change:)

    Even me, I am so Enthusiastic to go to office:)
    Take care and let us all love our job:)

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