A wish I wished never came true…!

This Monday
started on a very high note, high in the sense, I got a sprain on my left leg,
near the ankle, which then went to become an Avulsion Fracture. Huh, strange
are the ways of nature to tell you that you need a bit of rest now, but ‘yours
truly’ hates this confinement to bed. It was just a slight twist and there my left
foot swell within minutes. I so wished to have a fractured leg or hand during school
days, just to avoid EXAMS, but now…NO, this house arrest is so boring. See the subconscious mind has a way to answer your wishes.
 The doctor says that, it’s not severe and I will
be OK by end of this week. I hope I am. Do say a little prayer for me:)
No research
reports, no emails, no bitching, no time pass with office colleagues, huh this
is not how a Monday morning should turn out to be. But then, the positive guru
that I am let us focus on the good things. 
  1. I get to read all my favorite
    blogs, comment and chat with friends.
  2. I get to write more…its pure
  3. Samu is such a sweetheart, she
    gets up on time, gets ready for school without any fuss and even eats properly
    (How I wish, this continues even after I get better).
  4. I get to read…WOW, have finished
    3 books in just two and a half daysJ
  5. And last but
    not the least, who would not love to be pampered. MIL is taking special care of
    me, by preparing all calcium rich food. The phone calls, messages and emails, awww…thank
    you guys…I love you all…! (Especially my team in office)
Life is very unpredictable, I had
so many plans for this week, but then, Life had some other plans for me. As I always
say, never let a single moment pass by with regret. Call your friends, message them,
and let them know that you love them. It may sound like a cliché, but be
grateful for all that you have.
 Don’t wait for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Friendship
Day or Valentines’ day…make everyday special for your loved ones.
Keep smiling and do say a prayer
for me.
*Song of the moment*- Zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai, Kabhie yeh haasaye, Kabhi yeh rulaye..!

5 thoughts on “A wish I wished never came true…!

  1. Oh Gayu…. hope nothing serious and praying you get well soon 🙂

    Well yes nature has a wonderful way of saying "PAUSE" whenever it feels we are running around a lot like crazy…it has done to me with an muscular injury on my right hand right now asking me to stop writing for a while!! 😉

    So yes it helps me catch up on reading a lot…but I miss writing…though I know it wont be long before I will be back.

    Have fun..take care and ofcourse bask in all the attention…hugs <3

  2. Ya Privy, hope I get well soon:)
    Take care of your hand, and I bet you have not paused, saw your post and the comments on my blog:D

    We will never listen, hai na:P
    Take care dear and big hug from my side as well:)


  3. nahi Gayu…blogging has paused!! 🙁

    Actually office is very hectic… cannot manage time!

    Baki to abhi wale my posts have been scheduled..he he he he 🙂

    And ha agar hum sunnege to badmaashi kaun karega…!! Bolo bolo tell tell

  4. @Jack
    Kaash, I would have kicked someone, I would have been so happy visit:P
    But no, its just a twist. Will be visiting the doctor tomorrow, lets hope for the best…!

    ya, hum to bade badmash hai:) please do not stop blogging..!!!
    Its the most important thing which keeps us sane and connected to our inner self:)

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