Wish right now…!

During my
school days, I was hooked to a serial called ‘I dream of Jeannie’. I also
wished to have a Jeannie, who would remember the Maths formulas and who would
attend my Art classes. I hated Mathematics, I still struggle with numbers and
Drawing was never my cup of tea.

I still
remember the way, Mrs.Kulkarni; my drawing teacher taught me those free-hand
designs and still life drawings. Maybe I was the only student who never loved painting
and art. However, with time, we change, our preferences change.

I owe this
complete change to just one person and that is my 5-yr old daughter. She is
reason behind my creativity. I started to explore the areas, which I feared.

started experimenting new recipes and by doing so, I fell in love with cooking.
I started learning paper crafts and Quilling became a passion. Samu loves to
listen to stories, for her I started to read more and I fell in love with the
To record each of her milestones, I started writing and in this
journey, I have made some wonderful friends, Preeti, Privy, Jack, Meera and KP.

Yesterday, 12.12.12,
I took the biggest challenge, I drew few pictures. Here are my creations. To
say I was happy would be an understatement. I still can’t believe, I drew these.
For others this would be very simple, but for me this is a big achievement


I wish to
show these to Kulkarni teacher, but for now, I am sharing this with you guys
here. Did you like it…?
And coming
back to Jeannie and wishes, Preeti Shenoy has come up with a creative funda ‘WishlistWednesday s’. I am totally in awe of this woman, she is a fulltime mother,
wife, yoga buff, artist, card-maker, author, blogger and the list continues. I
wonder if God has granted her some extra hours.
Her three babies
An author of three best sellers, she is back again with a new tale of Love, Friendship and the courage to follow your heart
The creative
prompt for this week is
The three things I badly wish I
could have are…………………………….

  • Patience, I need loads and loads of that, especially with the kind of people I deal with, I need that.
  • I wish to raise my daughter to be a compassionate human being and inculcate right values in her.
  • I wish to take baby steps and make my dream come true. (It’s a secret, so can’t share it right now).
Apart from this, there are many more
things I want (yay, I am greedy).
  • I wish to meet all my lovely blogger friends, especially Preeti Shenoy.
  • I wish to work on all my relationships and learn to let go.
  • I wish to go on a road trip to Leh Ladakh.
  • I wish to learn a form of dance (I will be enrolling for a class, as soon as the doctor gives a green signal)
  • I wish to learn a musical instrument (Guitar/Violin)
  • I wish to join drawing classes and create paintings.
  • I wish to join the Teach for India movement and contribute something to the society.
Hopefully, I will fulfill some of
the above in 2013. Now go ahead, take the prompt, and don’t forget to order
Preeti’s book from Flipkart. Join the fun on Facebook and wish her luck.
Have a great day ahead…!
Be Positive and be Grateful,
*Song of the moment*-
Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now, wish right now…!

7 thoughts on “Wish right now…!

  1. Hey Gayu – firstly AMEN to all your lovely wishes. May God grant you all of them and much more!

    Secondly thank you soooo much for this lovely mention, it is a pleasure to have met you too!

    You know I also loved I dream of Jeannie specially as it was written by my fav author Sidney Sheldon.

    The drawings are damn cute dear. I love the way you are always open to learn new things – like your wishes of drawing, dancing for learning is the way in life… Loved your post!

    <3 Loads of love and best wishes!

  2. Gayu, I am touched that you have mentioned me in your list of friends. Friends are precious! You are doing the right thing about wanting to raise your daughter as a good human being- that is what is most important! I do not know about your other wishes coming true but if you are interested I can give you the contact particulars of a farmer in Ladakh with whom we stayed when we went for a holiday. Mr. Wangyal would be happy to have you I am sure-modest accomodation, wholesome food and lots of human warmth! I must read Preethi Shenoy's book now. Take care and hope your leg has healed.

  3. Gayu,

    Loved those drawings. You are too modest to say others may feel these to be simple, these are very good. Wish you all the best for your wishes to be fulfilled. May you also succeed in getting what you aim for, specially meeting blogger friends and trip to Leh & Ladakh, rest also.

    Take care

  4. @Meera,
    You are a precious gem Meera. I love reading your thought provoking posts. I may not comment on each of the posts, but I do read each of them.Do share the address details of MrWangyal, Iwould love to stay there.

    The plaster is removed, but the pain still persists. Hope it heals soon!

  5. @Me
    Thank you so much dear! The motivational quotes that you put on you FB page, they make my day. Whenever I feel low or depressed, a vist to your FB page peps up my mood:)

    Thanks a ton for being there Privy. Ek wish toh puri karo…meet me soon:)


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