Irony Of Love-His Version!

His version
I was shy and naïve,
You entered my life like a tidal wave.
I was tired,
I was lonely,
You gave me a reason to live my life wholly.
Your one smile made my day,
When confused,
You were always there to show me a way.
You drenched me in the pool of your love,
But things have changed…and it’s not the same now.
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I can still hear your cries,
I can still hear your screams,
I still wish… it all was a dream.
But the truth is that I had to leave,
Few questions unanswered …
Few words unsaid …
But then this was the way it was destined to end.
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At times Love is not about being together forever…
At times, it is just about….
Carrying that special someone in your heart…
Forever…ever and ever!

PS: As I said in my previous post, this short story series of Privy, inspired me to pen these lines.

Be positive, be grateful

5 thoughts on “Irony Of Love-His Version!

    1. Yes Supriya…the story has reached that point, wherein I cant handle the suapense anymore. Just want to read what happens next. Privy's posts are simple yet profound and reading her blog makes my day:)

  1. *touched*

    Gayu – this is mind blowing!! I have goosebumps as I write this comment with a huge smile on my face wondering what have I done to deserve all this 🙂

    Thanks soooooooooooooooo much!! <3 <3

    1. This is nothing Privy…just few lines…!
      The last two chapters really made me think a lot and as i said earlier also…its as if you wrote these for me…I can feel each and every word written:)
      Hugs my dear….and you deserve every bit of this and even more:)

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