Irony of LOVE- Her Version!

I visited a relationship, I buried years ago…
But I am amused at the way it still hurts,
Even after years the thoughts make me numb,
It’s as if the wound is still raw.
I moved on in life,
Or so I felt I did…
I pretended nothing ever happened…
I wore the masks of smile,
I started to laugh at the silliest of the things,
But deep within,
In the dark corners of my heart,
There is a hope that still lingers,
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Maybe we will meet…
Maybe things will be the same as it used to be…
Maybe I will hear your voice…
Maybe I will touch your lips….
Maybe I will hug you….
But then…I know it’s just a HOPE
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I know you have moved on….
And I know you are happy….
But deep within,
In the dark corners of my heart,
You are still alive!
 This post of Privy made me pen down this poem. Do read her short story series Treasured Ardor.
Leaving you all with a quote, I heard somewhere, “Its not love that hurts, its the absence of love that does”
Keep loving yourself…that’s when you will be able to give love to others:)
Be positive and be grateful

5 thoughts on “Irony of LOVE- Her Version!

  1. Gayu this is extremely touching……….:')

    I can understand very well all that you want to say… I know the hurt, its as if my prose was given the form of poetry. And that too so beautifully.

    Loved loved loved it- thank you so much I am truly touched <3

    HUGS (((<3)))

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