Love is…

I remember cutting out the ‘Love is…’ comic strips from the Times of India paper. I have a  collection of around 350 strips, neatly pasted on the pages of a small diary.

Source: Google Images
Here’s my version of what, ‘Love is’
Love is not just about ‘Roses’ and ‘Kisses
Love is not just about ‘Mushy Messages’ and ‘Candle-light Dinners’,
Love is not just about ‘Romantic Dates’ and ‘Weekend Getaways’,
Love is not just about ‘What you did for me’ and ‘What I did for you’
Love is not just about ‘Gifts’ and ‘Surprises’,
LOVE is more than all this….
Love is also about, accepting each other despite the differences.
Love is also about, patiently listening to each other even when opinions differ.
Love is also about, “What we did together”.
Love is also about days when we won’t talk.
Love is also about, caring for each other even after an awful fight.
Love is not just about Valentine’s Day,
Love is also about, putting up with each other’s crap every single day!!
PS: However, gifts, surprises, romantic dates are always welcome;)

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