I did it!

“I resigned”, he said.  I was shattered; he was my only friend, rather more than a friend.  Later that evening, we met. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” he winked. “Yes”, I nodded. “You will surely regret”, he smiled. “I won’t”, I said and signaled the waiter to get a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka….

Saree Again!

In this post, I spoke about Marriage and about my eighth wedding anniversary. This is what I wore on that day, some pics for you all:) Saree gifted by hubby dear! I’ve fallen in love with this pic:) Did you like these, do let me know Be positive, Be Grateful, Keep Smiling, Gayu


You are someone special in my life, You are the one, who can do anything to see me smiling,  You are the one, who can wait for years if I say I will be back in a minute,  You are the one, for whom I can fight the whole world, You are the one, who…