Because, You are WORTH it!

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Hope you all are doing good, and if not, then these wonderful lines will surely pep you up! I read this on this FB page. Do visit the link, trust me it will make your day!
Here are some lines, which I believe each one of us should follow:
“In life, there are always going to be people who will invalidate our feelings and give hurtful responses. In these moments, it’s hard not to feel inadequate.We internalize their words and decide that there must be something wrong with who we are. Because otherwise they would have responded differently.

But the truth is that you are perfectly adequate.

One person’s opinion does not have to define who you are. And it certainly doesn’t have the power to discount all of the people who respond to you with love and acceptance.

You can’t control what people say or how they act.

You can’t control the fact that you’re hurt and upset.

But you can control what you do in response to how people treat you.

Instead of beating yourself up, you can choose to treat yourself with compassion. Instead of punishing yourself for someone else’s limitations, you can choose to treat yourself as a friend. Each moment, you have the power to choose which thoughts you accept as truth and which you disregard.

Don’t allow one person’s perception to become your truth.

Don’t allow their judgements to keep you from expressing yourself.

Don’t allow them to silence your voice.

Let go of the people who make you feel inadequate, and start holding onto all of the people who make you feel loved.

These are the people who encourage you to grow. The people who support you through your struggles. The people who allow you to speak your truth.The people who accept you unconditionally.

These are the people who matter.

Don’t forget them.”

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Isn’t it true, there are times, when we curse ourselves for the bad that happened to us, we blame people and we tend to punish ourselves….however, we ought to change our behaviour.

Make it a point to follow this everyday, I am sure we will make our lives much simpler.

I wish to thank Privy for sharing this update on FB.
Have a great day!!
Be positive, Be grateful
Keep Smiling!

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