To my dearies…!

To the middle aged aunty…please can you talk slowly when you are on the phone in a rickshaw. I admit that I am loud; however, you proved that there is something called as are super-duper loud. My eardrums are not used to such high decibels, except for Holi, Ganesh chathurthi and Navratri.

To the young-zero figure-recently straightened hair- girl…you look gorgeous with your ‘Kingfisher-Calendar type’ girl looks and poky straight hair, but when you are in the rickshaw, sitting just besides me, please can u take care of your hair, which easily finds its way to my nostrils. However, I forgot to mention that I have terrible cold, I guess now you will understand it better!
To the aunties in my building…working in shifts, doesn’t mean that I work for a call-center or I drink or smoke. It’s a perception that you have built, time to change, you see!

To the biker…I admit you have looks that can give a run to john Abraham or Hrithik Roshan, but then please note that this 2-2 lane is not a F1 racing field. I have just recovered from a fractured foot, and crossing the road with a 6 year old is no joke, understand.

To the newly married girl sitting beside me in the train…I know that you are sleep deprived, I can understand that you day-dream a lot in the initial days, however please note that my shoulder is not a pillow, though they resemble one, since the time I’ve put on weight!

To the college girl…who thinks it’s quite cool to stand in the footboard of the train with the headphones on and behaving as if you don’t care. Just remember that your parents are waiting for you at home…so please, take care of yourself and don’t risk your life. On second thoughts, it doesn’t even look cool.
To the rickshawallah…I am not a saint, and my sixth sense never works, so please before I sit in your rick, just tell me that, it is not a share auto. I don’t like to create a scene and spoil the day.
To the mummies who keep asking me about my second child… if I wish to plan for a second baby, I will. It is purely mine and my hubby’s call. Please don’t ask my daughter, “When are mummy papa gonna get your baby brother” and why is it that it should be a brother??? Seriously change the way you think, ladies!
To the ‘So-called’ friend of mine…you have so much to chat on whatsapp, facebook and your online presence is so much, however, I guess, you become speechless when you meet me in person. A plain ‘Hi’, that’s what is the most you manage to utter. Human psychology, it’s so confusing!
Yours lovingly,

Have you ever wished to write a letter to your dearies, if yes, then to whom and why??? Do share any such instances:)

Be positive, be grateful,

8 thoughts on “To my dearies…!

  1. Well, I dedicate a post in my blog in their name and let me say, it doesn't sound pretty at all.

    And you mentioned almost everybody, but left out the blog readers. What do you say about us/ your blog readers? #JustCurious 😀

    Take Care and Keep Writing. 🙂

  2. LoL … Gayu, I loved the one written to the aunties in your building and ofcourse to those who want to know when you are planning your second baby. I would like to write to my neighbors too – telling them how to improve their civic sense. Will do a full post on that soon.

    1. hehehehe, I was so irritated by their constant nagging, I had to vent it out. I have part-2 ready with me, will post it soon!
      I have so much to read, give me some time, I am just held up with so many things!

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