An old Diary

I cleared an old shelf today,
Amidst the dust and cobwebs,
I found an old diary.
Google Images
Some poems,
Some one-liners,
Some scribbles,
Some sketches,
Some petals,
And there on the last page,
I found a story.
The characters spoke to me,
They shared,
 Their pain,
Their love,
Their hurt,
Their fights,
And then they left…
Just like that…
Google Images
I wanted them to stay,
But then…
There were no pages left, in the diary.
The story was incomplete….
Maybe just like ours!

4 thoughts on “An old Diary

  1. Gayu,

    I am glad I made effort to visit Blogspace today and your is the first one. I am relieved to see you active. Too many posts, I will come back tomorrow to read all. Hope all is well.

    Take care

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