Friendships and Surprises!

On a rainy day, when the world around me
was asleep, I slowly got up. I logged on to my Facebook account, a place where
they say, Friendships are fake. However, for me, my blog and my FB page are my
refuge. I’ve met some amazing people here, and I love to interact with them frequently.
There were around 10 notifications and 1 message. I opened the message
first.  I was surprised to see a message
from one of my school friend, who stays in New Zealand.
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Tej (that’s how I used to call him in
school) had come down to Mumbai and wanted to meet me. Now this was something
which I couldn’t miss. It was a pleasant surprise. I quickly messaged him and
went to get ready. I was super excited. It was a long time, 14 years and we had
so much to talk. We shared a wonderful friendship in school and I was so happy
to reconnect with him.

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That one hour spent talking to him, made
me realize that, some relations grow stronger with time. We spoke about India,
the current generation, marriage, love, dance, music and about school, our
teachers, our common friends…huh!!!! We were so busy talking, that we didn’t
even bother to click a picture.

I left the hotel with all smiles. I reached
station and logged on to FB, just to find, 10 more notifications. I clicked to
view them, and as expected, it was Kalpana, my FB- cum-blogger friend. She
first started reading my blog, later we became friends on FB. It was raining
heavily, I was already half drenched, yet on this rainy day, the crazy side of
me, wanted to meet her. I had her address with me and I decided to listen to my
heart.  There are some people who make
you feel loved, they respect your individuality, your thoughts. She was one of

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The craziness in me, made me travel till AnushaktiNagar. It was pouring like crazy, for a moment I thought to scrap the whole
idea, but then I couldn’t. I landed at her house at 12:30pm. Her son opened the
door, and when Kalpana saw me, she literally screamed, ‘Gayatri’. For a moment,
we both were behaving like some long lost friends, hugging each other and
completely speechless.

On a rainy day, we sat there, relishing a
plate full of Puliyogare (Tamarind
Rice), with some Curd, Drumstick curry and Ladoo, talking about the
little things in life. Life really is beautiful and I am blessed to have such
lovely people around.
Me and Kalpana!

I love giving surprises, I’ve always done
that. Do you love giving surprises? Have you done something crazy like this? Do
share with me.

Life is unpredictable, make the most of
this moment, so what if it is a rainy day!

Surprises, Happy Weekend!



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6 thoughts on “Friendships and Surprises!

  1. The day you came to my house was one surprise and today another pleasant surprise. Thank you Gayatri, for rewinding the lovely day we were together. The images are very nice.Yes, life is very unpredictable and this unpredictable nature throws up challenges.

  2. Hello Gayu,
    Coming here after a long time. So I have lots of reading to do on your blog! I don't care about what people say reg FB but it is a way one can connect with old friends, maintain existing friendships and make new ones. Ofcourse there are the fake ones on FB but then they exist everywhere else too. My blog is my passion and I have met many great writers and caring individuals through that. They are strangers but sometimes you can connect and that is something that one could not have without this space. Glad that you had a nice time with your friends. Have a good week!

    1. Even, I have to read so many of your posts Meera, so busy these days…with so much going on!!
      Yes our blogs are a place where we have met people through their thoughts. And thoughts are what shape a personality. I had an awesome time with both of them…and I would love to meet you also, one day!
      One of the things in my Wishlist- Meet all my blogger friends…:)

      take care Meera!!

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