Move On

With some Writing Prompts, I am challenging myself,
stretching the already stretched comfort zone and now to top it all, I am
taking part in the Blog Marathon. I am joining Preeti Shenoy for the next 30 days and will
try my best to post every day.

I need your wishes and your valuable comments,
which help me to improve and give my best!

I came across this interesting prompt, from Poets United.
The challenge was to write a piece of poetry within 20 lines and it should have the words ‘Move’.
So here is my entry, hope you all enjoy it 🙂
When the heart breaks
And the soul pricks,
It’s difficult to move on.
When the tears flow
And the hurt blows,
It’s difficult to move on.
Years pass by,
And all you do is…
Silently cry,
It’s difficult to move on.
Google Images
Then comes a point in your Life,
When realization dawns,
When you make a feeble attempt…
To forgive, to let go,
Now you know,
You have to bury your past,
For a better present and brighter future,
You have to Move On!


Looking forward to your views:)
Be positive, Be grateful

29 thoughts on “Move On

    1. Hi Rosemary,
      That's how Life goes na, we fall, we fail, we cry and then we learn to get up, learn to live with the hurt and try to focus on the better:)

      Even I loved the Image:) Thanks Rose for taking your time and reading this:)

      Truly grateful to you:)

  1. After your poem for the Why I Write thing, 20 lines seems a little less doesn't it? 😉

    Yeah. Time comes when we have to move on. Though we don't feel like it, or want the past happiness, we have to. Lovely one again.

    (On a different note, could you please remove the Captcha verification. It's a pain to get past from mobile, sometimes even from system)

    1. Leo, just got the verification removed:)
      Writing this was a challenge, as limiting myself to 20 lines was difficult:P

      and I agree with you, many times, we don't want to move on, as we find comfort in the past events

  2. hai…this is the frst time i'm ever putting a comment in any of the blogs..!:) loved the poetry..and a special mention about the pic…a perfect one..!!keep the great work going n all the very best to u..!! :)I would be really grateful if u reply me back as it does value me a lot and stimulate me..:)

  3. Both parts of your poem are so true.
    Moving on is difficult and so is forgiving. But once done it is liberating. Very nicely done.
    Dropping by from the Verse First linkup.

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