Off late I am hearing a lot about people who have left their lucrative careers to follow their passion. And the best part is, they are making money out of their Passion. One of my office colleagues quit her job to follow her passion of photography. Other quit and took up teaching. A school friend of mine is a Tattoo Artist. I am really in awe of such people. They are so clear about what they want in life and then follow a path to get there.
Authors like Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, Amish Tripathi and many more; they took the path less travelled. If you have read Rashmi Bansal’s books, then you will be amazed by the amount of talent our country has.
All of them had one thing common in them, ‘Jasba’ or ‘Passion’

Now what exactly is Passion..?? If you literally go by the meaning, ‘It’s a strong desire for something, to do something or to achieve something’.
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I love doing many things (I am multi-talented that way :D). I make greetings, I read books, I write blog, I love to cook, and love to talk, but then to take up any of these as a career, is something which is very challenging.
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I wish someone would pay me (a reasonable salary would do) for talking, eating, clicking pictures, posing for pictures and reading. I would do that with hundred percent dedication!


What is your passion..??? Have you thought about it. ?? Do you have an idea take up your passion as a career?  

Do share it with me:)
Be Positive,
Be Grateful,
Keep Smiling,

2 thoughts on “Passion

  1. The people who have taken the road less travelled are not only passionate but are bold and adventurous. If Chetan B.'s books hadn't clicked????This is a million dollar question.Behind one successful CB, there are hundred 'unsuccessful' ones who failed to rake in the moolah. But they are not failures.Maybe they tried but were not destined to do so.

  2. Everyone wants to chase their passion. Besides being bold and persistant, there is also something called 'Back Up'. If someone wants to quit their career and wants to devote himself/herself towards their passion, they should have someone/something which could serve as their Back Up in terms of money and care to the family.

    I loved your choice of topic 🙂 Keep writing dear!

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