The Little Voice


When the shadows of loneliness…
Engulfs your soul,

When you feel left out,

When you feel unloved,

When you feel unwanted,

Close your eyes and talk to me,

I shall listen,

To your dreams,

To your fears,

To your fantasies,

Just quiet your mind,

Let go of everything,
Let me guide you,

Let me take the lead,

Let me show you the opportunities,

I’ve always been there for you

And will continue to be your support

Just once, close your eyes

And talk to me.

I am here…listening to you!

There is a little voice
inside us that tells, ‘You can achieve great things in life’ or ‘The situation
is not that worst, you can face it’ or ‘Life is indeed beautiful’. And there is
another voice, which tells, ‘Life is unfair’, ‘You will fail, no point in
trying’ or ‘You cannot achieve it, it’s just a dream’. Have you paid attention
to this little voice? You don’t have time, right. Yes, you are so busy catering
to the needs of near and dear ones that you seldom listen to this voice.
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At times, people term it as the ‘gut feeling’. Your inner voice
is the best guide you can ever have in your life. It yearns to speak to you
every day; however, we are too busy following a rut, aren’t we?

Here’s a small guide (based on my experiences) on how you can
listen to your inner voice

Meditation: This is one
word, which is a night mare for many. When I say, I meditate; people think that
I am too religious or spiritual. However for me meditation is a way of
silencing your mind. All you need is a quiet place and 2 minutes of your day.
Just close your eyes, relax your body muscles and watch your thoughts pass. Let
them go, don’t try to hold them. To begin with, do this for 2 minutes, later
you can increase the time (15-45mins).

Be Mindful: This moment,
as I type this line, there is inner conversation going on. This is called
‘Self-talk’. We all indulge in self-talk. We keep bashing ourselves for our
past mistakes and worrying about the future uncertainties. However, in order to
listen to our inner voice, we need to watch our thoughts. Start observing your
What kind of conversation do you indulge in? Is it affirmative or
negative? Write down your thoughts in a piece of paper. This will make sure
that your cup is empty and you can fill in new positive thoughts.

Cultivate a hobby: We are very
busy these days, with our full-time jobs, family, social life and other
commitments, that we hardly have time for our hobbies. Do something for
yourself, spend some ‘Me’ time and so things that you love.
It could be
reading, dancing, gardening, trekking, playing indoor games, outdoor sports,
writing, photography, travelling cooking or fishing. Explore new areas; you
will be amazed by the talent that is in store. I’ve recently joined Kathak
classes and I must say, the 2 hours I spend there, is truly amazing.

Trust: This is a very
powerful word. We as individuals easily believe when someone says something
negative about us, however, we take time to accept the positive aspects of our
Start trusting your inner voice, when it says, ‘you played well’
or ‘you handled the client exceptionally’. Let go of the shackles that hold
you, trust that gut feeling and take risks. It’s high time you change!

Be grateful: The maid
didn’t turn up, the trains are running late, children didn’t clear the table
and parents pressurizing for marriage. There will be lot of things to complain
about, however, shift the focus from what’s going wrong, to what’s
going right.
Be grateful for all that you already have. Your good health,
family, friends, job are all your gifts from the Universe, never take them for
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How do you unwind yourself and listen to your inner voice? Share
your views with me.

Be positive,

Be grateful,

Keep Smiling,


9 thoughts on “The Little Voice

  1. There are two voices in each person. One tells us to go ahead and the other pulls you back. Respect the one that pulls us back for there may be pitfalls. It's not voice to go ahead each time. Weigh the pros and cons and then decide.But fill the mind with good thoughts.
    Gayatri u have raised a good point about cultivating a hobby. thumbs up.

    1. Yes many a times, our gut feling warns us, gives us signs, not to follow some path. I agree with you, that we need listen to both the voices and weigh the pros and cons!
      I am planning to write a separate post on Hobby
      Thanks Kalpna!

  2. Wow gayu, this was an inspiring post truly!!

    I unwind myself with music and books…. not to forget my blog. It makes me listen to my inner voice LOUD and CLEAR.

    There are some very special people in my life whose letters, emails and comments are something that keeps reminding me what my true calling in life is and that I should never forget that.

  3. I have been doing it all through my life. At least trying… the meditation, the listening to voice inside. And somewhere I know I have benefited. thanks gayu for enlisting these again so that once in a while such simple yet effective things get reminded to us 🙂


  4. Lovely post, Gayu. I like to think of those 2 voices as Sauron and Sam, from the LOTR series. Sauron is always sending discouraging and demotivating thoughts to our body (Frodo), persuading us to give up, while Sam gently whispers in our ears – "one more try".

    I wrote a post on this during the very first NaBloPoMo I attempted on my blog. Here's the link, if you want to check it out – Live Life: Motivate Yourself".

    I use all 5 points mentioned by you in the post, but meditation works best for me to strengthen Sam's voice within me.

    Where are your subsequent posts by the way? Day 10 onwards?

  5. Gayu,

    Visiting after a long gap. Read 2 current posts as have no stamina to catch with all pending ones. Could relate to what Samu says so much. May God bless her. Very sane advice in this one. One surely needs to look on the positive side and be happy instead of looking at negative side leading to loss of happiness.

    Take care

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