Guest Post- Parenting

“I am done with my homework, now what do I
do?” exclaims my 6-yr old. My 30-yr old brain starts to think of all those
activities, which she can do, yet I ask her, “Great, so what do you want to
do?” Within moments comes the reply, “TV, I want to watch Chotta Bheem”. Now I
have two options, either to say yes and let her indulge in watching TV or give
her another choice, something she cannot say no.

As parents, I am sure, you all must have
come across situations, wherein, you were neck deep in work, when the little
ones come and claim to be bored. The challenge in such situations is to give
them an activity, which will keep them occupied and interested for at least
10-15 minutes.

I am sure you all must be eager to read
some tips to handle such situations. Read the complete post, here.

Do drop in your views and share your tips also with me 🙂

Keep experimenting,
Be grateful,
Be positive,

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