An Important Update

I type this post (almost after a month), a lot of things have changed at my end.
The last 40 days were challenging, however I spent some quiet moments to
contemplate on my life’s purpose and finally gathered the courage to follow my
I made some life altering decisions and for the first time, I am at peace with myself. The endless
inner dialogue seems to have taken a backseat. Most of my friends supported my
decision, some made fun of me, some even had the audacity to say that things
won’t work the way I want. However, I have reached a stage where opinions of
others don’t matter much.

a lot of thinking and some more thinking, finally I quit my job. A comfortable
job, some fantastic colleagues, a supportive manager, reasonable salary and
most importantly manageable workload, I had it all, yet I chose to quit, simply
because, I wanted to. I spent four and half years in my current organization
and the decision to quit was quite tough.
After a point of time your job
becomes your identity and your colleagues become your best buddies. But we all
have to let go of some things to make way for new and better opportunities. I
too did the same. I had many reasons to do that and I shall share them in my
next posts.

you all had a lovely time with your family and friends during this Diwali. Here are some snapshots
from my end.
The colours the festival brings in

The peace and serenity the diya offers

A closer look

Illuminating lives…

The colourful lantern

I managed to read four books in the last three weeks
  • A Maverick Heart: Between love and life, by Ravindra Shukla,
  • Bankerupt by Ravi Subramanian,
  • One and a Half Wife by Meghna Pant and
  • Urban Shots the Love Collection.
My next few posts
will be book reviews of these books.
Keep Smiling,
Be positive,
Be grateful,

9 thoughts on “An Important Update

  1. WOW! Loved the rangolis and the colorful lantern that made your Deepavali special.

    Most of my friends supported my decision, some made fun of me, some even had the audacity to say that things won’t work the way I want. Gayatri , 15 yrs ago I too was in the same boat as you.My mom was upset as I was kicking a comfortable job. My best friend and office colleague's mom called me up and asked me to go on unpaid leave but cautioned not to resign. Many colleagues , who I thought were very ambitious, supported my decision and said that they wished they could sit at home and take care of the children. I was a bag of mixed emotions. I expected my mom to support me and thought that office friends would oppose me but it was the other way round. Don't worry things will fall into place and all will be fine.

    1. Kalpana, I am glad that you took the decision and now with your blog, I can see you scaling to new heights:) Thanks so much for being my motivation! Rohan is indeed lucky to have a mom like you!



  2. Lovely rangolis and yes about the decision I agree with Kalpana. Sometimes in life we take few decisions where we feel we are not right maybe now but in the long run it all falls into place……!!

    HUGS <3

  3. Hi Gayatri,
    I've a confession to make 🙂 I've been a silent follower of your blog for long. Have read all that you write, but have never commented.
    This post told me I should let you know my appreciation for what you have done. It takes a lot of courage to do that, and hats off to you for that. Continue doing what you love to do.

    Success ungal'tteye varum 🙂

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