My Childhood Dreams

As a child, we all had some dreams, dreams of
becoming an astronaut, a doctor, a lawyer, engineer or teacher, didn’t we? Dreams
of touching the stars and walking on the moon, playing with the sun and climbing
the mountains and what not! We believed in Magic,
the Witches and Fairy Tales. However, as we grew up, the dreams took a back seat
and we started to run a race, a race to prove our worth to the world, a race to
live someone else’s dreams. We became so busy in making a living that we forgot to live. Sounds little philosophical, isn’t it? It indeed is!
‘Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul
is writing about you!’- Marsha Norman
My previous post, where I mentioned about quitting my comfortable job to follow my heart touched many other hearts. I received mails
and comments, congratulating me for my brave decision. However, last month,
when I was about to draft my resignation letter, I asked myself, maybe a
million times that whether  I was taking an appropriate decision. That’s
when I thought about my childhood dreams.

As a child, I wanted to be a Teacher; simply because I loved to talk (I still love to talk).
Then when I was around 15, I wanted to run a private tuition classes, just like
Mahesh Tutorials. The gates of college, gave me wings to fly and for the first
time, I wanted to be creative. I took part in the college activities, elocution
dance and also wrote for the college magazine. One of my Hindi professors read
my Hindi poems and said that they were very mature. He even said that I should
continue writing. However, due to some personal issues, I discontinued writing.
I even burnt the diaries in which I had written the Hindi poems and some short
stories. I didn’t know what I was doing at that point of time.

Within a year after graduation, I got married, and
life became quite challenging. Days began with household chores and office
deadlines and I had very little time to even think about my dreams. When I had
completely resigned to my mundane life, a ray of hope blossomed, in the form of
my daughter. Her birth was a re-birth for me. During my maternity leave, I began
to write. I started recording my daughter’s small milestones, the day she
smiled, the day she started to walk, the day she spoke…and the little moments
of joy that she brought to my world.

There began my new love affair with words, little did I know that this was a
lifelong commitment that I was about to make. At times, I wrote the whole
night, at times in the wee hours of the morning and at times while travelling. Most
of what I wrote was everyday ramblings, of what I did, what I ate, whom I met
etc. I still have those diaries with me. I love reading them at times, it makes
me nostalgic and helps me relive those wonderful moments. Meanwhile I switched
jobs and from an accountant, became a researcher. Research opened a new world
for me.
One day while researching, I came across blogs and the concept of blogging
fascinated me. Just a Mother of Two and Share thoughts and Experiences,
were one of the first blogs that I started reading. This love for reading
continued and I explored some wonderful blogs and made some lasting friends .

And yes as I finally drafted my resignation letter,
I knew what I wanted to do. Thanks to the motivational books and blogs I read,
they indeed have helped me take this decision. A special thanks to uPwithNLP course
and the SOE team, for believing in me and giving me the new pair of wings to
fly. I love to speak and connect with people and that’s why, I chose a career
shift. I need your blessings as I begin this new journey as a Trainer, Writer and much more…
As you continue to think about your dreams, I want
you know that, hope, faith and hard work will surely lead you to the pinnacles
of success. Take positive, small, yet concrete steps to achieve your dreams. And yes, keep believing!!
What were some of your dreams as a child? How about sharing them in the comments section or on my FB page.
Be positive,

Be grateful,

Keep Smiling,




6 thoughts on “My Childhood Dreams

    1. Thanks for your continued support and motivation kalpana:) You have enriched my blogging journey by being with me, liking my posts and commenting on each one of them:)
      Love you loads

    1. Glad that my post could motivate you Jaya. You are special dear and I am sure you will achieve all your dreams, soon…very soon…easily!
      Keep moving forward and keep taking those baby steps dear!!
      God Bless

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