Truly a Maverick Heart

Three friends,

Life at IIT,
Love and some twists…
Sounds quite familiar, isn’t it? However, the interesting blurb, the unusual cover of the book and the word Resonance fascinated me.
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The Blurb

often use the term, “frequency matching” in our daily life to define
compatibility. Our frequency does not match, we do not get along? We are not in
sync? We are not on the same page etc? When people of similar frequencies
(wavelengths or within the same range) come together – output is not a simple
sum of individual work, but exponential. In science we term this phenomenon as
resonance. Output at this stage is beyond any logical limit.

young kids, with different family backgrounds and outlook meet during their
graduation days at IIT-Bombay campus and become close friends. Although,
individually they are in sync, but the same is not true for their interaction
with the world.

will their relation withstand the conflict of family and society pressure? How do
their characters shape out, as they traverse from an educational environment
through the corporate world to the realm of the social-political world?
Inspired by the real events across the globe from the last decade, Ravindra
Shukla brings you the characters based story – struggle and triumphs of a young
generation and their relevance in the current socio-eco-political era.

The book revolves around the lives of three friends, Rahul, Neerav and Richita. The three of them meet at the IIT campus, become friends and then part ways to lead their respective lives

Neerav and Richita have separate stories to tell, however Ravindra has weaved them
together in this book. The book starts with the everyday struggles of an IITian,
the project deadlines, the peer pressures, friendships, love and parental interference.
The later part of the book focuses on Rahul’s dreams of doing something for the
society, Neerav’s business plans and Richita’s US tales.

The book has
everything, right from college fun to Wall Street jazz. Ravindra has done some
intense research and tried to capture the real life events, through this book.
Also the language  is quite simple and that makes it a breezy

Some of my
favourite lines from the book:

“Relationships don’t work on logic all the time. It
is more about being in understanding during difficult moments.”

“If you rob too much from one person, it becomes
murder. If you steal little by little, it looks like business.”

“We do not get results by competing, do we? In
competitions, we just draw a line and then it’s just a mad rush to beat others.
The whole philosophy and incentive for the race is to beat others, not to
achieve the goal. Defeating others becomes the goal in the end”

The letter
which Rahul writes to Richita, describing his dream is truly touching!

However, the
author could have edited the long conversations between the characters. Also the
shift between first person and third person narration was a bit confusing. I would give a 6/10 for the author’s honest efforts and minute details.

If you are
eager to read something different and refreshing, do grab the book. And yes,
don’t judge it by its cover!

About the

Ravindra Shukla is a graduate of IIT-Bombay. He works for IBM in emerging
technology and business analytics in IT software technology. His professional
experience includes working with consulting firms – PWC and IBM in USA for 15+
years. He is a member of the Film Writers Association, Mumbai. His interest
includes – writing fiction, literature and movie scripts apart from sports,
movie and travelling across the globe.

PS: This book review is a part of “The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program”. Thanks Nimi for giving me this opportunity and thanks for your patience 🙂

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