Book Review- The Almond Tree

the age of twelve, what do children do?
They play, study, dance, do mischiefs and
bask in all the love and attention of their parents.
However, Life has
something else in store for twelve year old Ahmed Hamid. With his Baba being
imprisoned, Ahmed becomes the man for
the family. Ahmed is a genius and his ability to grasp Maths and Science is
beyond imagination, yet he has to stand up for the needs of his family.

‘TheAlmond Tree’ is an inspiring story of Ahmed Hamid and his family, their constant
battle to survive and sustain amidst the violence and hatred spread in Israel
and Gaza. The book begins with the cute description of Amal and the Orange groves
and then shifts to the brutal attacks and life of Palestinians in Israel and
narration is so powerful and the description of the scenes is simply
breathtaking. ‘Don’t allow guilt to enter
your heart, because it’s a disease, like cancer, that will eat away at you
until there’s nothing left’
, says Ahmed’s Baba. ‘Do not turn your back on your gifts. Let them be the lights that guide
you through life. When obstacles get in your way, look to your lights’,
Ahmed’s Teacher.

chapter had so many thought provoking lines; I marked them for my future
reference. I shall share some of the quotes with you all in a separate post.

each chapter unfolded, my love and respect for Ahmed grew manifolds. This book
is about building resilience, amidst challenging situations. This book is about
trusting your talents and making the most of them. This book is about loving
each other and creating a better world for our future generation.

connects us, yet our relationships are at stake. Values are dying, siblings are
fighting and parents are neglected. This book will surely fill ones heart with
gratitude and touch your soul. If you have read and loved ‘The Kite Runner’,
then you will surely love The Almond Tree also. This book is for the strong
hearted ones, who can read stories close to reality. Michelle has done a splendid
job as a first time author. The book is simply un-put-down-able and will
make you empathize with the Palestinians, Ahmed and his Baba.

pick up this book, as you don’t often come across a book that touches your
soul, teaches you some life lessons, makes you feel grateful for your gifts and
makes you a better human being.

You can buy the book on Flipkart, now and learn to enjoy and be grateful for the gifts that Life has bestowed upon you.

More about the Author:
Michelle Cohen Corasanti has a BA from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MA from Harvard University, both in Middle Eastern Studies. She also holds a law degree. A Jewish American, she has lived in France, Spain, Egypt and England and spent seven years living in Jerusalem. The Almond Tree is her first novel.

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